Training plan: How have the team been getting on with 2 months to go?

Andy Smith

The clock is ticking and with just two months to go until the All 4 MND endurance ride, our team of determined novice riders have been pushing themselves to the limit in preparation. It’s not just a physical challenge, but an emotional and mental one as well, and the team is dedicated to making every second count as they gear up for this monumental endeavor.

The training plan the team has been following is rigorous, with a focus on progressively building endurance and strength. They have been biking long distances, gradually increasing the mileage each week to mimic the challenge of the upcoming ride. Not only are they preparing their bodies for the physical exertion of the ride, but they are also acclimatizing themselves to the psychological aspects of long-distance cycling.

Fitness isn’t the only aspect of their training. The riders have been learning about nutrition and hydration, understanding that the right fuel is crucial to sustaining energy levels throughout the ride. They’ve been experimenting with different foods and drinks during their training rides, finding what works best to keep them going. As part of their training, they have also been learning how to carry out basic repairs on their bikes, ensuring they are ready for any eventuality on the road.

It’s been a journey of ups and downs, but the riders’ spirits remain high. They draw inspiration from the brave individuals battling MND, reminding themselves of the purpose behind their effort. Stories of the rugby legends Doddie Weir, Rob Burrow, and Ed Slater, all of whom have battled with MND, have been a source of motivation and strength. Their determination to make a difference in the face of such a debilitating disease is what keeps them going through the toughest training sessions.

As they continue to train, the team has been touched by the outpouring of support from the community. They have received encouraging messages and donations, fueling their determination to reach their fundraising goal of £400,000. However, they still need more support and are encouraging everyone to donate whatever they can to this noble cause.

Looking ahead, the team has a challenging journey in front of them. But they are more than ready to face it head-on. Each training session brings them one step closer to their goal, and they remain steadfast in their commitment to raising awareness and funds for those affected by MND.

In the words of one of our riders, “We are not just training to ride; we are training to make a difference. Each mile we cover in training brings us closer to the 400-mile challenge, but more importantly, it brings us closer to making a difference in the lives of those affected by MND.”

As the countdown continues, the All 4 MND team is not slowing down. They will continue to train, to prepare, and to fight for those who can’t. And they hope that you will join them on this journey, supporting them in their quest to level the playing field for those affected by MND.

Remember, MND is not incurable; it is underfunded. And with your support, we can make a difference.

Join us as we count down the days to the big ride. Let’s make every mile count. Together, we ride for a cure.