Route analysis: Where we see the biggest challenges and when we get to them

Andy Smith

The ALL4MND ride, a four-day endurance challenge spanning 400 miles, is no walk in the park. This extraordinary journey will take our team of novice riders through the heartlands of England and Scotland, all in the name of raising awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). In this article, we delve into the details of the route, pinpointing the major challenges and highlighting when we expect to encounter them.

Day 1 – Ipswich RFC to Bury St Edmunds RFC

The journey kicks off at Ipswich Rugby Club. On the first day, our riders will face the challenge of setting the pace for the coming days. The relatively flat terrain of Suffolk might seem deceivingly gentle, but our riders must conserve their energy and maintain a sustainable speed, as this is just the beginning of the long journey. We expect to arrive at Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club by the end of the day, marking the end of the first leg of our journey.

Day 2 – Bury St Edmunds RFC to Leicester RFC

Day two takes us from Bury St Edmunds to Leicester. This stage of the journey will test our riders’ resilience as they cycle through the undulating landscapes of the East Midlands. The terrain is more challenging, with a combination of steep climbs and fast descents, demanding both physical strength and strategic riding. As we approach Leicester, the riders will face the day’s most significant challenge – a steep uphill climb before reaching the day’s endpoint at Leicester Rugby Club.

Day 3 – Leicester RFC to Leeds Rhinos RLC

On the third day, the journey continues north to Leeds. As we leave the Midlands behind, our riders will tackle a mix of urban and rural landscapes. Navigating through busy city streets and isolated country roads will require focus and adaptability. This leg of the journey will be physically demanding, but the thought of reaching Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Club should motivate our riders to push through.

Day 4 – Ipswich RFC to Bury St Edmunds RFC

The fourth and final day is a two-part journey that will truly test our riders. This leg is the longest and arguably the most challenging of the entire ride. Starting from Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Club, our riders will set out towards Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club.

The route takes us across the beautiful yet rugged landscapes of the North East. We expect the hilly terrain and long distance to be a significant challenge, but we trust that the camaraderie and collective determination of our riders will see them through.

Upon reaching Newcastle, it’s not time to rest yet. Our riders will then set off for the final stretch of our journey: a ride to Doddie’s home Club, Melrose in Scotland. This last leg, though shorter than the previous ones, will be a test of mental endurance. With tired legs and exhaustion setting in, our riders will need to draw on their inner strength and the support of their teammates.

Crossing the finish line at Melrose will be a monumental moment, a testament to the courage, tenacity, and spirit of our riders. This fourth day encapsulates the essence of our journey – the physical challenges, the mental battles, and the relentless determination to make a difference in the fight against MND.